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What is in Scrum Science: Forward Thinking?

What you’ll learn in these 105 pages from scrum heaven, will take your scrummaging to an elite level.

Scrum Science covers:

  • Theoretical aspect to scrummaging with a scientific approach
  • Problems/solutions for all positions in the scrum (not just the front row)
  • Scrum drills that players can do on their own with little or no equipment
  • Front row specific scrummaging drills that focus on technique and the set-up process
  • Scrum drills for the whole forward pack to improve the basic core areas needed for a strong scrum
  • Coaching plan on how to implement these drills
  • Neck conditioning with an emphasis on front row specific exercises
  • Each individual scrum drill and neck exercise is accompanied with instructional images to make learning easy

Who is Scrum Strong for?

Scrum Strong is for all rugby players and coaches. More specifically, it is for players who play in the front row who want to develop the fundamental technical skills required to scrum efficiently. For coaches it offers a wide variety of scrum drills which they can incorporate into their training plan, whilst offering an insight on how they can help the individual players in their scrum improve.

How will Scrum Science make me a better scrummager?

Scrum Science covers all of the fundamental theory and practical aspects that relate to scrummaging. If you understand the theory in the guide, and implement the drills into your training program, you will be equipped with more tools to improve your scrummaging than someone who hasn’t read the book.

Why would I buy Scrum Science when I could just YouTube the content?

Good question. Scrum Science covers the theoretical components of scrummaging, as well as in depth analysis of some common problems, and their solutions for all positions in the scrum, not just the front row. Scrum Science is only one piece of the puzzle, as Scrum Strong offers a holistic approach to scrum development. All of the content provided, combined with our coaching program will directly impact your scrummaging ability in a positive way. We encourage you to use YouTube and utilise the content you find as there is some great stuff online. Chances are that if you’ve come to this website, then you’re looking for ways which could improve your scrummaging. If you haven’t already had success with YouTube (which is usually a first port of call), then maybe Scrum Science is for you.

As a coach, how can I modify these drills for my young team who don’t do full scrums?

This is a great question as the many different age groups have different scrum laws. The individual drills will still have an enormous impact on the development of your young players. Whilst they may not be ready to have a proper engagement, this element can be withdrawn from the drills, with a bigger focus being on maintaining a strong position. An added benefit of doing these individual drills with younger players is that it will help them in other areas of the game such as the ruck contest.

As a player, what if my coach doesn’t like that I’m doing other scrum drills outside of what they coach?

I’m yet to meet a coach who doesn’t encourage players to work on their individual skillset outside of team training. If this happens, it’s important you have a conversation with your coach and explain exactly what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. If they still have a problem with it, continue to practice your own drills, just maybe out of sight… You can also tell them to chat with us at hello@scrumstrong.com to discuss any issues they’re having.