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Scrum Science: Forward Thinking is a game changer for aspiring rugby players and coaches.

It is a theoretical and practical handbook designed for rugby union players and coaches to help develop the fundamental skills required to scrum at an elite level.

Learn the fundamentals of scrummaging, including an 8 week season plan for players and coaches of all levels. Accompanying the scrummaging drills is a neck conditioning program suitable for players of all ages. Each scrum drill and neck exercise is accompanied with instructional images to make learning easy to do on your own with minimal equipment.

This is a must have for all rugby players involved in the scrum. Read a FREE EXCERPT

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17 reviews for Paperback | Scrum Science: Forward Thinking

  1. Tooney

    This book is a must have!
    I highly recommend purchasing 2 copies, one for home and one in your rugby bag!
    As a player, I have found Scrum Science to be an invaluable resource for all the scrum specifics. It has provided me the information to individually improve my scrummaging technique and assist others with theirs.

    Written from the athlete’s perspective it is easy to understand and also provides a great insight for coaches.

    This is truly the Rugby Forwards Bible!

  2. Rory O’Connor

    As a professional rugby player, and particularly as a prop, Scrumstrong encompasses all the necessary drills and lessons on how to perfect your skill at scrum time. You’ll really start to see gains in your core and neck due to the way the exercises are designed which will translate into more dominant scrums. The exercises also double as effective accessory work in the gym to activate the muscles required to lift big!

  3. Ally Craig

    I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to rugby books and yours is definitely one of the best for dealing with the scrum. I have Topo Rodriguez’ book The Art Of Scrummaging which is fine for a dull old guy like me but what I find really good about your book is that I can pass it on to the boys I coach (U18 level) to reinforce some of the things I try to get over to them. At least now they don’t just believe it’s me coming up with weird ideas for individual drills! Your book, I feel, hits the middle ground that is ideal for players – not too simple like most generic rugby books, not too complicated like Topo’s. I’ve just handed it out to one of our boys and he has already said how useful he has found it. Hope everything works out and it becomes a best seller – for all forwards and coaches! Thanks again

  4. Matthew

    An excellent book to refine scrummaging skills and technique for both playing and coaching.

  5. Dr David Steven

    A fantastic resource for Rugby players, coaches & trainers however even more importantly, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists & Sports Drs to help prevent injury and maximise performance. This is the most specific & comprehensive biomechanical Rugby book of the year. Great work Sam. Dr David Steven Sports Chiropractor

  6. Anonymous

    very informative for a backrower turned prop

  7. Jamie Walker

    Some in depth looks into Scrummaging that most don’t have access too with club coaching. Worth a read for any front rower!

  8. Jon

    it was the little things in your book that helped me and the scrum

  9. Steff

    Really informative. Big changes to our LHP by just highlighting that he should use his inside leg more to drive

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for writing such great content, I had been looking for something like this for years

  11. Grecia Mcnamara-Taele

  12. Cameron

    Cheers for the book mate. Taken our scrums from brute strength to a super competitive set piece in attack and defence, especially me being the tighthead. Cheers

  13. Kyle

    Cannot talk more highly about it all. Have referred a fair few people to getting it too.

  14. Nick

    Mate fair dinkum, ripper book. From a back rower throughout school, to being a 1’s Colt hooker for 2 years, now into a tighthead. Was good to understand what actually goes on. Can’t tell you how much it has already helped me.

  15. Phil

    Scrum Science is an extremely impressive and thorough book. Well done in putting it together. Will absolutely be recommending it to other coaches.

  16. Brayden Mellon

    As a strength and conditioning coach working with rugby athletes and teams, it is crucial for me to understand the various elements of performance. Scrum Science has helped me to further understand the physical attributes required to be dominant at scrum time and complement technical ability.

  17. Johann Botha

    Well written and set out into easy, step by step, instruction. It covers alot of bases for scrumming with possible solutions for different scenarios that might happend during the scrum. Would have liked to see some info on nutrition aswell. Will recommend this book to any coach, experienced or not!

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