12 week strength training program for front rowers.


Prop Strong is a 12 week strength training program for the front row.

It was created by Scrum Strong founder Sam Needs, and it has combined his professional rugby strength training experiences, along with his own exercise and sports science background into an easy to follow and highly effective strength training program.

The program is split in 3 x 4-week phases, ideal for a preseason, and has 3 sessions per week.

Every session follows the same structure:

  • 1 x major lift
  • 4 x primary lifts
  • 3 x position-specific accessory movements

Prop Strong is not individualised specifically for you, but rather is an effective template to follow if you don’t have the luxury of a strength coach. This program will make you stronger to play in the front row.

Prop Strong is delivered straight to your inbox as a downloadable PDF.



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